4-5 Yearss Old
  • PreKindergarten Program

    • The Pre-Kindergarten program prepares the students for Kindergarten. The student social, emotional, intellectual and developmental needs are continued to be met while introducing new concepts.
    • We challenge every child and encourage problem solving in daily lessons
    • Our math program emphasizes understanding rather than memorization, giving children opportunities to think, reason and problem solve.
    • We use a whole language and phonics approach to reading and writing.
    • We believe that children learn by doing and we implement a hands-on approach to learning.
    • Children learn new science concepts by doing experiments in class.
    • We encourage children to discover and explore to find solutions.
    • Our Science Center offers opportunity for science exploration and discovery by providing open-ended activities to investigate, self-discover and problem solve.
    • The Math Center is set up to encourage interaction with concrete objects through play by creating opportunities for discovery of basic math concepts.
    • Spark interest
    • Investigate the subject
    • Discover and expand on the curriculum

    Our goal for each child in our care is to help develop them into self-confidence students eager to learn new things in a warm, supportive environment.

    What children discover for themselves they will always remember!