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Studies have shown that children that attend full-day kindergarten programs “manifest significantly greater achievement than students who attend half-day kindergarten … Full –day kindergarten children have fewer grade retentions and lower incidence of Title 1 placement.” (Child Study Journal, 27(4), 272).

Full day kindergarten allows for children at all developmental levels the opportunity to be challenged appropriately by spending more time actively engaged in positive learning activities.

The children who attend Little Footsteps will receive the core curriculum standards for New Jersey and much more. We will have to time for the children to extend learning experiences and the flexibility to address individual students’ needs.  There will be a certified Early Childhood teacher providing instruction.

The kindergarten enrichment program gives your child the opportunity to strengthen and reinforce the lessons taught during the school day as well as develop new skills and interests.

Daily Activities:

  • Educational activities corresponding with their kindergarten curriculum
  • Reading and math readiness activities and games
  • Stimulating  science and social studies activities
  • Art and Crafts
  • Outdoor play / indoor  gyms
  • Complete homework with a professional educator
  • We do  not follow the Wayne Public School calendar (limited dates closed)


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