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Infant Program

  • Our  teacher’s  promote infant’s learning through exploration and by fostering their emotional,  sensory, social, physical,  and intellectual development through song, play, reading and careful monitoring of infant’s needs.
  • An infant’s early months of life are so important to their brain development and we give the personal attention and stimulation needed to support healthy brain development.
  • The infant program supports each child’s gross motor skills. Infants need supervised tummy time so they can develop and build their muscles. Babies need time and space to explore and manipulate objects.
  • Your infant will learn age-appropriate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills in our care.
  • The infant program supports the development of their social, emotional and the developmental needs so they will grow into happy healthy preschools.
  • We will help make the transition from home as comfortable and natural for you and your child as possible. crucial in creating a foundation of basic trust and security

2-3 Year Old Program

  • Our classroom is a place where children are encouraged to experiment, develop, and strengthen their newly acquired skills.
  • This program allows the children to explore and discover the world around them
  • We believe in a developmentally appropriate curriculum for all children
  • The children are taught self-help skills such as dress themselves, toilet training, washing hands and feeding themselves.
  • The teacher encourages as much independence as possible while maintaining a safe nurturing environment.
  • The children become self-confident and gain self-esteem.
  • The children are encouraged to use new vocabulary via stories, songs and finger plays.  The children use their imagination in the different learning centers as they acquire language and social skills.

3-4 Year Old Program

Children at this age are eager learners who are very curious about the world and are anxious to explore.

  • We surround the children with a print rich environment as a part of our classroom environment.
  • The Math Center is set up to encourage interaction with concrete objects through play by creating opportunities for discovery of basic math concepts.
  • Blocks and puzzles will be used to teach counting, color, sorting, patterns, problem solving, and cause and effect.
  • Another important area of our curriculum is art.  Through art, children learn to communicate and express themselves.
  • The children are always encouraged to ask questions and make new discoveries
  • Planned activities encourage and promote positive thinking
  • This inspires students and they become enthusiastic learners that will ignite the desire to l gain knowledge in all they do.

4-5 Year Old Program

  • The pre-kindergarten program prepares the students for kindergarten. The student social, emotional, intellectual and developmental needs are continued to be met while introducing new concepts.
  • We challenge every child and encourage problem solving in daily lessons
  • Our math program emphasizes understanding rather than memorization, giving children opportunities to think, reason and problem solve.
  • We use a whole language and phonics approach to reading and writing.
  • We believe that children learn by doing and we implement a hands-on approach to learning.
  • Children learn new science concepts by doing experiments in class.
  • We encourage children to discover and explore to find solutions.
  • Our Science Center offers opportunity for science exploration and discovery by providing open-ended activities to investigate, self-discover and problem solve.
  • The Math Center is set up to encourage interaction with concrete objects through play by creating opportunities for discovery of basic math concepts.
  • Spark interest
  • Investigate the subject
  • Discover and expand on the curriculum

Our goal for each child in our care is to help develop them into self-confidence students eager to learn new things in a warm, supportive environment.

What children discover for themselves they will always remember.

How To Avoid Negativity Avoid Dream StealersSrinivasan

The network marketing industry is churning out more millionaires worldwide than any other industry. This is perhaps one industry where, while successes are legion, failures too are a multitude.

While there could be many reasons for failures including fly by night illegal schemes, bad products and systems, 95 % of the failures may be attributed to one single factor, and that is the ‘Dream Stealers’

Who are these dream stealers? What is their motive in stealing wholesale jerseys shop your dreams?

You will be surprised the dream stealers come in all guises. They may be your neighbor, your family member, your close friend or office colleague. Obviously they have the best of intentions and your welfare in their minds but they are not having the required information to give proper advice.

Now let’s look at a typical scenario:

You are invited to a business opportunity meeting by a friend or an ad through which you have been contacted by a unknown person. Generally all presentations in Network Marketing are well designed to give you an overview of the company, the product and the income plan. Finally the testimonials show you how so many people became rich without any investments, with a little hard work and mostly smart work. The typical rags to riches story. You are impressed with the show. At the end you are personally introduced to a couple of these guys by your would be sponsor. You are struck by their simplicity, their honesty and the emotion and passion with which they speak about the opportunity. The Mr. Average man from the street who made good. You ask all the right questions about the product, company and income plan. Finally you decide it is the right opportunity for you. You make a commitment to join up and set up a meeting for the following evening.

While on your way home you can feel all your dreams resurfacing. The glorious dreams which you dreamt a few years back knocked down by the harshness of time and events. You once again start to reconstruct all your dreams. You can see hope in the horizon. You feel it is still possible to achieve all your dreams. You feel happy after a long, long time.

The next day dawns with excitement. You share the news of the opportunity with your colleague. You get a smirk. A laugh and says ” I thought you are smart. You can’t be joining all those cheering guys who are out to con you.”

There is a little puncture and your excitement starts to come down a bit. Next you call up one of your best friend and tell him about the fantastic business you are going to start and tell him all about the business.

Hey. This is a scam. No body can make that kind of money in network marketing or everyone would be rich’

So goes the story one after the other with many of the people you speak.

So by evening your excitement your dreams all lie shattered. cheap nfl jerseys You feel the same old frustration creeping in. You feel there is not way but to slog it out in a 9 to 5. So what happened. The dream stealers had been at work. They mean well for you. At least that is what they think.

You must take decisions on your own information analysis and seek only opinions from those who have all the information which you have. If you seek opinions generally from all wholesale jerseys china this is the end. Instead you must tell people not ask or allow them to give opinions. Neither should you give weight to people in the event of opinions being given to you.

Knowledge is power. People without knowledge is like leeches who suck the blood out of your aspirations and intentions. So beware of the dream stealers. Srinivasan is founder of Born To Win Forum. He has an experience of over two decades in sales marketing and general management functions in India. He is a certified trainer and consultant in training design wholesale jerseys methodologies, focused on personal effectiveness and motivational training. His articles are published in more than 50 portals and websites across the world.Articles Connexes:

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